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Jacob North (Jayno/Metajake/Yosef1) is a video game illustrator. He has worked in computer interface design since 2011 with teams of various sizes.

He loves, character design, badass visuals, audio driven experiences, and gamification. Jacob's favorite design principle is balance.

Global Game Jam 2018

Dicer and Clasp: Dungeon Skadaddle!

The Global Game Jam's (2018) local site was hosted by Glitch.MN at the University of Minnesota, and it drew upward of 200 participants. Team Omega Alpha, aka The God Squad was fated to begin and complete a 2 player local co-op maze escape, inspired by games such as "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes".

Download for Mac or PC, here!

Other Projects

Detention Center
Unity project made with southeast Michigan juvenile detention center detainees

Information Coming Soon...

Hibachi Beat
60%-baked Rhythm based cooking game written in Phaser 2.

Information Coming Soon...

Poet Laureate Infinity
Interactive Rap song creation tool written in Python and Javascript.

More Videos in the Series...

Information Coming Soon...

Dream Escape
A tiny little platformer sketch developed inGameMaker Studio.

Information Coming Soon...


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